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Bourdain’s books are full of tales of the many gargantuan meals in which he indulges on a regular basis, and they contain no hint that he has seen the inside of a gym at any point of his adult life. Yet Bourdain has always been thin—an attribute that appears to have nothing whatsoever to do with his lifestyle.

Speaking of lifestyle choices, Kitchen Confidential contains various harrowing scenes from Bourdain’s past as a heroin and cocaine user, as well as copious documentation of his chain smoking. I don’t mean to suggest that Bourdain intended to glamorize these habits; indeed, he went out of his way not to. But the fact remains that, at least among certain trendy segments of society, a male celebrity chef with a serious drug habit in his past is, oddly enough, considered a less problematic spokesman on health matters than a matronly woman who does not disguise her affection for comfort food.

Paul Campos, “No Proof Paula Deen’s High-Fat Southern Cooking Caused her Diabetes”  (via adrowningwoman)

Tony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential is screamingly funny.  But yes, he assumes that everyone who is fat must eat much more than he (because everyone’s alike!!)